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GoodWood Victorian Ash veneer (PEFC certified) (24/09/2015)

GoodWood Victorian Ash veneer (PEFC certified) is now exclusively available from BRIGGS VENEERS to match Victorian Ash solid timber.

(For solid timber, contact Daniel Wright, Australian Sustainable Hardwoods, 0419-756307)

Woodstock Tabu Veneers and Oberflex laminates (06/06/2014)
Woodstock Tabu Veneers and Oberflex laminates are now part of the Briggs Veneers range. The website is unchanged -

For samples, please contact Briggs at

NEW BRIGGS/WOODSTOCK website coming soon!

About Us

Welcome to Australia's most experienced and respected supplier of timber veneers. Our experience is second to none as the Briggs' group of companies commenced timber production in 1908, and the production of veneer in 1934. Today, Briggs Veneers is one of Australia's major suppliers of decorative veneer (in leaf and joined layon form), reconstituted veneers, premium rotary veneers, glue thread and paper tape for veneers. Briggs Veneers remains a family owned company, with the descendants of the founder actively involved in the business.

Old Train

G.L. Briggs and Sons' logging locomotive in the early 1900's
showing the son of the founder, George Largie Briggs
(in the dark suit)

Offering more than 140 different types of quality veneer sourced from sustainably managed forests; Briggs Veneers is committed to the responsible use of the world's resources. We are proud to have pioneered the use of Australian sustainable hardwoods for veneer, with these species being used in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Village, passing the strict environmental guidelines which were required. All our natural timber veneers are hand selected at their source and again before leaving our warehouse. Our highly experienced staff offer you an unparalleled level of service and we are always eager to assist you with your veneer selection. Clients are welcome and indeed encouraged to make an appointment to select their veneers at our Wetherill Park warehouse, NSW.

Train interior

Interior of the Indian Pacific railway lounge car showing
Australian sustainable species

Briggs Veneers regularly supplies veneer to panel layers/distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand, so distance is not a problem, and we are also experienced in overseas markets - exporting to America, Europe and Asia.

Exhibition stand

Briggs Veneers exhibition stand, Designex 2004

If you would like more information or samples, please go to our "Contact us" page, e-mail us directly, or phone/fax us.

Street address: 409 Victoria St., Wetherill Park, NSW, 2164, Australia
Postal address: PO Box 6613, Wetherill Park BC 1851, NSW Australia
Phone: +612 9732 7888 Fax: +612 9732 7800